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Specialized Personal Care from Takako Johnson
"Persistence is power"

That is my motto! That is what I am practicing every single day when it comes to meditation, exercise, and what I consume. Please don't expect immediate results. However, if you are persistent, you will see positive, long term results in the end.


I was born in Japan, but have spent most of my life in New York City. My mother was one of few women who were fortunate enough to graduate from college in her time because she came from a Samurai's lineage, which emphasized discipline and education. Her knowledge of nutrition and tradition played a major role in my life. Because of her, I was always aware of what my children and I ate. I even made all of their baby food from scratch. My father also taught me a lot in the way of the ancient healing arts. Since then, I continue to refine these disciplines, and have found a growing interest from others here in the United States in these practices.


As a certified Anti-Aging Nutrition Consultant, REIKI master, and Chair Yoga instructor, my goal is to always make my clients feel healthy, fit and look their best. I love sharing with others what I have learned over the decades and believe that many can benefit from that knowledge. Please view my website for details on my experience, skills and upcoming workshops. I would be honored to hear from you about your health goals. The first consultation is complimentary.


"Time is far more precious than money"

" Life is an accumulation of small decisions"

" Whatever you do, put all your heart into it"

"There are no coincidences in your life"


"How lucky I am, how happy I am"

Special Tips and Observations from years of practice

You can age as slowly as you like. Do not look at the calendar.


Keeping your spine flexible is the key to maintaining your health and youth.


Eat walnuts. They are good for your liver and prevent dementia.


If you have an overactive bladder, you can massage your pinky toe (the acupressure point). You can do this while you're watching TV.


Strong core muscles also promote good posture, which helps to maintain a youthful demeanor.


Tiptoeing strengthens many muscles.


The best sweets for your health are dark chocolates.


When you buy fresh fruits and vegetables, keep them upside down. They stay fresh much longer.

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