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Restorative Chair Yoga
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The Chair Yoga that I teach was created by Lakshmi Voelker for people who have difficulties with mat yoga.

Between the ages 20 and 50, we lose 20% of our muscles. Between ages 50 and 80 years, we lose 40%. However, we can build muscles at any age, even at 100 years old. 

I started teaching Chair Yoga in September 2010 and from the beginning, I decided that half of the class should consist of dumbbell work to build more muscle. Normally, we use 1 or 2 pound dumbbells. When I started teaching in 2010, none of my students could keep their arms up straight while holding dumbbells, but now all the seasoned students  can do that. These results make me very happy. 

I teach both privately and in a group setting.

Chair Yoga Testimonials

Having had the privilege of attending Takako's Chair Yoga class at the Asser Levy Center from the beginning, September 2010, I've learned a way of breathing and moving for the development of strong core muscles and for following a pattern of healthy exercise at an early hour. Takako has also been a conduit of good information on keeping to a healthy diet and ways to avoid pills for headaches, sleeplessness and common ailments. She has helped us into a mediative practice for general well being.

Herriet Ruschmeyer


I have been attending Takako's chair yoga class for approximately 3 years.  Before that, I had a very difficult time exercising because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, coupled with a lung disease and coronary artery disease...all brought on by my RA!  However, since I've been attending Takako's classes, I have greater mobility and my breathing has improved.  I owe this to Takako!  Because of her patience, perseverance and deep understanding of Yoga, she has taught me how to breathe properly, various breathing techniques, as well as many useful poses.   I enjoy our moments of meditation in her classes because I have been able to incorporate all this into my daily life which has greatly improved the quality of my life.  Most importantly however, she has taught me how to listen to my own body.  I find Takako challenges us, but does not push us. She's quick to offer modifications and encouragement.  In addition to this, Takako brings to our classes valuable information regarding nutrition.   I cannot stress strongly enough the benefits she has brought to my life.

Fran Savastano


I met Takako in her Chair Yoga class at Asser Levy NYC Parks and Recreation Center.  What I learned is that you can and should exercisers you mature in years.  Her combination of deep breathing, stretches, and soothing music reduces your stress greatly.  I would recommend any of her classes especially for people who want to start exercising again.  And don't be fooled. Takako can get on a mat and do the hard stuff too which she offers once a month.  Great class!!    

Karen Gottfried

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