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REIKI Treatment

The practice of REIKI originated in Japan. 


When I was working full time, one of the secretaries suffered from a Herniated Disc. She couldn’t turn her body nor bend it because of the pain she suffered. So, I called her to one of the conference rooms and applied my healing energy to her back. Each day I did this for about 10 minutes. After the sixth day, I noticed that her spine was moving under my palms. It seemed to me that the spine was realigning. I was so amazed at the power of healing energy. After 10 days, she could even dance. 


As far as I am concerned, everybody has a "self-healing mechanism", which REIKI supports.  


I have been doing the following meditation every morning for 30 minutes since 1985:

You put both hands right in front of "Tenden"  (three fingers below your navel) where you accumulate your "KI".

You also do deep breathing and concentrate on your breath.


Meditation improves my concentration, which helps a great deal when I apply "KI".

When I started practicing TAICHI in the beginning of 2000, I felt a tingling feeling in my fingers. I knew right away that this is "KI". Since then, whenever someone needed "KI", I applied it. I have been practicing REIKI for more than 10 years now. 


REIKI works marvelously and immediately in acute cases, but chronic pain and conditions requires many sessions before you can experience some results. 

REIKI Testimonials

Takako Johnson helped me immensely with her Reiki treatment. I had a dislocated hip which was relocated in the emergency room but the pain and limited mobility that ensued was very difficult for me. Takako Johnson said she’d like to give me a treatment. As a nonbeliever of anything nonWestern medicine, I was reluctant to even try it for free. But then I thought, why not? It couldn’t be worse than my present situation. So after about 50 or 60 minutes, I felt a relief; and my maneuverability was markedly better! So I continued as a bona fide patient, and after a number of Reike sessions with Takako Johnson I was well!!! Now when people question the validity of Reiki, I pipe in - “It works! and it’s painless! I know.”

Rhoda A., a satisfied customer


In 2004, I broke my right ankle. Despite the fact that I didn’t want an operation, I was told by two different doctors that an operation was the only solution. While I was waiting to have an operation, I met Takako. She told me that she maybe able to help me ease some of my pain. After removing the cast, she started applying her KI. While she was doing this, I felt something going on inside of my ankle. When she stopped after 10 minutes or so, the sensation continued. The day of the operation, the doctor took X-rays, and found out that no operation needed any longer. That was such good news and made me so happy.

Janet Hogan

When I had my birthday in 2005, I invited about 20 people. When all the guests were comfortably seated, I couldn't sit down because of the pain in my buttocks. When Takako asked me "Why don't you sit down?", I tried to sit in one of the chairs to. However, I immediately jumped up due to the pain. I explained that I haven't sat for weeks because of extreme pain. Takako asked me to come over and put both her hands on my buttocks. About three minutes later, I sat in a chair again and this time I didn't have any pain. Takako later told me that as soon as she put her hands on my buttocks, the sensation she felt in her palms were as though water that was accumulated in a dam was released, so the water starts to flow very rapidly. All the blood and "KI" was stagnated on my buttocks, so KI helped to make it flow again.             

Zuzana Das


Takako has been working with me since the beginning of 2014 at first as a Chair Yoga coach and more recently as a REIKI practitioner. She has helped me improve my mobility and ended a long term problem that I had with excessive perspiration. In addition, she detected an issue affecting my throat, which was later confirmed by a CAT scan.            

Dorothy Kahn


Thank you for the Reiki treatment you gave me which has had a remarkably good effect on the vertigo I mentioned to you at the time, I have experience no dizziness since your visit, rather I have found a new confidence in walking, as my balance has also improved greatly. 

Thank you again,

Dorothy Kahn. New York, NY 10016

One day, I had a stomach pain all night long. Even in the morning I couldn't get up to make my usual cup of coffee. When Takako called me, I explained my situation. Takako told me to just relax and she would send distant REIKI for 30 minutes. First of all, I was skeptical about REIKI in general. And then, on top of that, to send a distant REIKI seemed unbelievable. But I was really surprised to find my pain was gone after thirty minutes and I was able to get up and make my coffee.

Karen Sullivan

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