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My Services & Testimonials
Certified Anti-Aging Nutrition Consultant

Would you like to have more energy to start your day? Would you like to exercise more but can't find the time? Would you like to increase your metabolism? How do you manage stress?


My workshop is for people who are having concerns, experience some health issues, or would like to age gracefully. 

The program begins with a few light exercises to:

  •     help alleviate headache

  •     improve vision 

  •     prevent and fight finger arthritis

  •     promote blood circulation

  •     help alleviate upset stomach or heartburn

  •     over active bladder

  •     Stiff Shoulder


Next, we will cover, step by step, each nutritional element for protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. 

We will also discuss when free radicals are created and how to neutralize them. 


To close, we will end the workshop with a brief explanation of two different types of meditation, Yoga and Zen, followed by 5 minutes of meditation to reduce stress and promote concentration.   


As holistic health suggests, maintaining optimum health requires many considerations. Not only is it important what you eat or the fact that you exercise but also how you eat, exercise and manage stress. As a certified Anti-Aging Nutrition Consultant, REIKI master, and chair yoga instructor, I think about health all the time. When you come to my workshop, I would love to share with you the years of knowledge I have accumulated regarding a healthy diet, exercise and stress management.


A path to wellness starts with the first step and then persistence. Wherever you may be on your journey, I wish you much health and happiness.


Weight Management Testimonial


I have been fighting the weight loss battle for the better part of the past decade as customer dinners and corporate travel began to take a toll on my health. I had temporary success using some extreme diets, or by radically altering my lifestyle, but it never seemed to be something I could do long term.


I met Takako about a year ago and she took an interest in my health. We discussed my past successes and failures, then she made some nutritional recommendations to me, along with other lifestyle advice which I decided to follow. Her approach was to help me identify and make healthy lifestyle choices that were do-able for the long term, not just for short term weight loss.


I was surprised at how evenly (over time) I was able to shed about 10 pounds while feeling better (instead of feeling deprived of my favorite foods). I had energy and a positive spirit about me that had been lacking. 


It's only been about 8 months since I started, but I credit Takako's approach for helping me be able to make it a long term lifestyle choice. It's easy when the results are there and the energy is improved. I am glad I found Takako to help me.


D. D. Peterson


I am offering public speeches regarding "Anti-Aging & Holistic Health" from the viewpoint of weight management, nutrition, anti-oxidants, fitness and youth retention.

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